Gentle Teaching

The late Dr. John McGee, founder of Gentle Teaching International, once said the program is about unconditional love and companionship that leads to new, positive behaviors.

Dr. McGee coined the term the psychology of interdependence, which refers to every human’s need to live in equitable and reciprocal relationships with other caring and loving humans and the larger community.

A Safe, Nurturing & Loving Community

Gentle Teaching is rooted in compassion for those who have complex needs. In a safe, nurturing and loving community that practices Gentle Teaching, a person who has lost or is at risk for losing positive control can develop personal qualities and experiences that are uplifting and make them feel safe, loved, valued and connected.

Bios weaves these Gentle Teaching principles into the fabric of our organizational culture, our internal and external teaching and training, and in the way we support the people we serve.

We Are Here to Help

Lori Hauge is an experienced trainer in Gentle Teaching principles. To learn more about how we can assist you or your organization, contact Lori at 918-229-1023 (direct), 918-605-2883 (cell) or

To learn more about Gentle Teaching principles, contact:
Lori Hauge Chief Culture Officer
Certified PCT© Mentor Trainer

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