Financial Consulting for Human Services Organizations

Bios manages revenue exceeding $30 million and serves as an organizational representative payee for nearly 200 people.

With nearly 30 years in the business, we bring real-life experience and knowledge to help other human services organizations strengthen their bottom line. We all need to be strong to support the people who rely on us.

BiosReady offers expertise in managing accounts receivable/payable, booking services and analyzing financial performance. We are industry leaders in leveraging technology to maximize collections, recognize and book receivables and enhance vendor relations. This strategy ensures optimum cash flow and financial health.

If your small-to-medium-sized human services or health care organization wants to make managing accounts receivable/payable more efficient and to maximize collections, BiosReady can help.

To schedule a financial consulting session, contact:
Mark Moskal Chief Financial Officer
  • 918-229-1032 (office)
  • 918-508-0449 (cell)

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