Health & Safety Training

Providing great quality supports is about striking a balance between Important TO and Important FOR and honoring the connection between them.

As our basic psych classes taught us when we learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy, it is impossible to pursue higher levels of actualization when our basic needs are not met. The same is true for the people we support. To pursue happiness, purpose and meaning, people must be safe. The people supported by human service agencies depend on their caregivers to help ensure they are healthy and safe. BiosReady provides First Aid/CPR and Medication Administration Technician training from the foundation of a person-centered organization.

A Highly Regulated Industry

Home and community-based supports are highly regulated. An important part of staying in compliance with regulations and ensuring the services you provide are reimbursable is ensuring all staff have the training they need to keep people healthy and safe. BiosReady provides health and safety training to help you stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

We Are Here to Help

We provide weekly First Aid/CPR and frequent MAT (OK and TN only) training in each of our area offices. Check out our calendar for training near you.

To learn more about BiosReady Health and Safety Training:
Magan Record Director of Training

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