Person-Centered Thinking Training

Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) training is a full two days of hands-on learning and skill development where participants learn PCT discovery skills. REGISTER TODAY!

Supporting People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD)

PCT training teaches employees how to discover information helpful in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). The training teaches specific methods to identify what is important TO and what is important FOR a person.

The PCT discovery process leads to finding the balance between important TO and FOR, as well as what supports a person needs to be able to live the life desired. The information is used to create a person-centered description, which is the basis for an action plan. The action plan is designed to best support a person so they can live a healthy, safe and happy life.

Understanding & Practicing PCT Skills

We train participants to create their own person-centered description, so they can better understand how to facilitate the discovery process in helping others.

Bios has been preparing our employees through the two-day PCT training for more than 10 years. All BiosHome and BiosWork employees receive the training as part of their new employee orientation.

We also offer the training to other organizations. We can customize the learning experience to meet the needs of specific organizations and organizational levels.

For more information on PCT training, contact:
Lori Hauge Chief Culture Officer
Certified PCT© Mentor Trainer
  • 918-229-1023 (office)
  • 918-605-2338 (cell)

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