Person-Centered Thinking

BiosReady gives organizations structure, language & curriculum through its PCT efforts.

Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) is a set of skills, tools and values developed and promoted by the International Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices.

Empowering People

Integrating PCT skills, tools and values into people’s lives and the organizations that support them results in empowering people with positive control. This empowerment allows them to lead meaningful, happy and fulfilling lives.

BiosReady uses Person-Centered Thinking to discover the things that are important to a person (happiness) and for a person (health and safety). These skills help us gain a deeper understanding about the relationship between a person’s important TO’s and FOR’s, which leads to the discovery of how to best support a person to create the balanced and satisfying life they desire.

PCT Benefits

The discovery of Person-Centered Thinking in 2005 was a game changer for Bios. As an organization, we have been intuitively person-centered since our inception. Person-Centered Thinking gave us a structure, language and curriculum that allows us to more effectively create an organizational culture of person centered values.

To learn how we can bring PCT to your organization, contact:
Lori Hauge Chief Culture Officer
Certified PCT© Mentor Trainer

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