Person-Centered Planning & Plan Facilitation

Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is useful for everyone, but people who receive support find PCP particularly useful. Anyone who is at risk for losing positive control or preparing for a major life transition could benefit from PCP.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have updated their regulatory-setting requirements for people who receive support on home- and community-based waivers and in nursing facilities. Person-Centered Planning is now required for all people who receive waiver supports and live in federally-funded nursing facilities.

The person-centered description developed through the person-centered plan facilitation process is the first step in understanding what a person wants from their life and how to best support them in creating the life they love.

Bios uses Person-Centered Thinking skills to discover what is important TO and FOR the people we serve and how to support them best to achieve a balanced life with outcomes they find meaningful.

We Are Here to Help

Person-centered planning is a process that helps a person create and describe vision for their future based on their interests, talents, goals and support needs and desires. The resulting Person Centered Description helps the person and their family identify and organize the supports they need to have a life they desire.

To schedule a Person-Centered planning session, contact:
Lori Hauge Chief Culture Officer
Certified PCT© Mentor Trainer
  • 918-229-1023 (office)
  • 918-605-2338 (cell)

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