Becoming a Person-Centered Organization

Understanding the Journey

Bios supports nearly 1,100 people in two states. Through our own experience of becoming a Person-Centered Organization, we have learned how to mentor other organizations – helping to improve their operations and set them on their own Person-Centered Organization journeys.

We know firsthand how infusing organizational culture with Person Centered Practices can positively impact employee and customer experience and reflect favorably in the bottom line. In the human and social services sectors where profit margins are almost non-existent, bottom-line opportunities are essential!

How we can help

Organizational Assessment

Evaluating where your organization is now will help you set your course for where you want to be in becoming a Person Centered Organization. We can help you evaluate your organizational design, stakeholder engagement, leadership, teamwork, quality improvement and preparedness for change.

Creating a Person-Centered Culture

In a person-centered culture, person-centered thinking is a way of approaching all aspects of our work, it is a habit of all our employees and it permeates all parts of our organization. A person-centered culture helps everyone focus on supporting people in having control in their own lives and supporting employees in bringing their best, most authentic selves to work. We help you design person-centered approaches that work best for your organization.

Managing Change

If it taught us anything, the pandemic taught us the importance of values-based agility in managing change.  Technology and other innovations occur at lightning speed.  Prepping your organization to keep up with change without losing connection to your roots, history and values is an important part of how we help you manage change.

Measuring and Improving Quality

Data and information are essential to demonstrating the quality of supports your organization provides. We can assist you in collecting, managing and leveraging your data and information so you better understand what it tells you about your organization, including where your strength as well as your opportunities for improvement.

Courses & Training Programs: Individuals can learn about Person-Centered Thinking through our courses and training programs.

Direct Support: Person-Centered Thinking sessions customized to the needs of your organization.

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